How to Create Free Candy Bar Wrappers

by Jess Jones

Looking for something unique for your next party or get together? Look no further than custom candy bar wrappers. Free candy bar wrapper designs can be found for any occasion from a wedding to Halloween. You can customize these wrappers with your name or event title, and even place your own image on them. In addition, many sites also have custom wrappers for beverages. You just need to know where to find them online.

Decide what type of candy bar you want to cover. This will determine the shape of your candy bar wrapper.

Search for "free candy bar wrapper designs" online. You will be surprised how many you can find.

Find the design you like best and following the onscreen instructions, input the details you would like on the wrapper.

Print out the designs you have created.

Cut out each wrapper.

Put three evenly-spaced drops of glue on the back of your candy bar. Place the end of one wrapper on the glue dots and hold in place while continuing to wrap the rest of the wrapper around the candy bar.

Glue the remaining end of the wrapper to itself on the back of the candy bar.

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