How to Create Free 70th Birthday Party Invitations

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To make no-cost 70th birthday party invitations, you'll need to put your creativity to work. If you do not want to buy invitations, consider making invitations with a computer program and emailing the invitations as attachments. Use your imagination to gather friends and family to give someone a memorable 70th birthday party.

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Open Microsoft Publisher. Click on the "Start" menu, scroll to Microsoft Office and Publisher. Select "Invitation Cards" from the "Getting Started with Microsoft Publisher" page.

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Browse the cards for a template that can be customized to reflect the dignity and history that accompanies a 70th birthday. When you find a card you like, double-click the card icon.

Customize the invitations to suit the birthday celebrant. Select customizing options, such as adding images and text and changing colors and font types, from the left hand pane. Consider adding images of delicate violets and pansies for invitations for a woman's 70th birthday celebration. Use a script-like font to add to the feminine aesthetic. Deep burgundy or earth tones make dignified background colors to announce a man's 70th birthday party. Select a simple font, such as Times New Roman for dignified simplicity.

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Personalize the invitation for a 70th birthday party. Include the celebrant's name. The card template opens to the front of the card you selected. Publisher provides suggestions for objects for Page Options and verses for Invitation Options. Find an image of the celebrant as a child. Create a mini-collage of a three or four pictures representing the celebrant's life stages, such as a childhood picture, a military picture and a picture of the celebrant and his grandchildren. Include a verse of poetry or insight that reflects the the celebrant's interests, hobbies or values. The website Useful Information provides quotes from Mark Twain, Arthur Schopenhauer and others that relate to a person's 70th birthday. If the birthday person has a favorite author or quote, incorporate it into the invitation verbiage.

Save the blank template as an earlier Publisher file if you are working in Publisher 2007 or higher. Save the work by hitting "Ctrl" and "S" on your keyboard or by clicking on the File menu in the upper-left corner of the page and selecting "Save."

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Email your 70th birthday party invitation to your intended guests. If some invitees do not have computers or MS Publisher, print the cards and snail-mail the invitations.