How to Create Banquet Tickets

The difference between a banquet and a Sunday dinner is the venue, number of attendees, and an attractive, professionally printed ticket. If word gets around town about your dinner affair, these tickets may become coveted. There are a number of convenient services available online that allow you to simply type in text, add images and submit your ticket order to be printed.

Find an online ticket printer, such as, or These services offer convenient online software that allows you to choose colors, backgrounds and type in text.

Choose a ticket design. Since this is a banquet, look for food-related backgrounds or colors. According to color theory, orange stimulates the appetite. Reds and browns symbolize the "harvest." Yellow represents happiness, and sometimes is associated with eating as well. Any of these may be an ideal choice for the color scheme of your tickets.

Enter the title of your banquet event. Make it something exciting and wonderful that will get people in the mood for a sumptuous meal and good company. For instance, "A Feast to End All Feasts," or "Food, Fun, and Family."

Enter the full date (including the day), time (both when the doors open and when the meal starts) and the address of the banquet hall. Add the price of the ticket, as well. The most pertinent information, like event name, date and time, will transfer to the stub on the right end of the ticket automatically.

Choose the option to number each ticket, if that is not already selected as a standard condition of your order. This way, you can keep track of which person was given a particular range of tickets.

Add a small image, like a plate of food, to the ticket if you'd like (if that is an option offered by your chosen vendor).

Review your banquet ticket online as it will print (this is called a proof). Make edits, if needed.

Submit the order and pay with a credit card. Print about 5% more tickets than you think you'll need, or simply refer to the capacity of the banquet hall to decide on the total number of tickets to print. Keep in mind that since this is a printing service, there are no refunds once the order has been produced, unless the vendor makes an error.