How to Create an Unforgettable Memorial Day Feast


Memorial Day is a time to commemorate our nation’s fallen heroes. While it can be somber, it is also a day to celebrate with our friends, family and neighbors. What better way to kick off the summer, while honoring service men and women, than to throw an incredibly delicious barbecue? Crank up the tunes and fire up the grill, because these recipes will guarantee your Memorial Day feast will be a spread to be remembered.

Bring on the Baby Back Ribs

Nothing shouts "Barbecue at my place!" like the aroma of baby back ribs slowly cooking in the backyard. The smell of these apple butter barbecue ribs is sure to be the clarion call to the neighbors, letting everyone know that you're throwing the bash!

April Anderson

Test Your Patience With Pulled Pork

The moment this recipe hits the Dutch oven (or slow cooker), be ready to start salivating because this savory pulled pork shreds like Hendrix. Use it for appetizing mini-sliders, or serve as a people-pleasing main course. Either way, it'll be worth the wait.

Jackie Dodd,

Make a Drum Roll, Please, for These Drumsticks

When you're barbecuing for a crowd, space on the grill becomes prime real estate. Thankfully, chicken drumsticks can solve any capacity conundrums: they can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Julia Mueller

Gobble Up These Turkey Burgers

It wouldn't be a barbecue without a burger, and there's nothing like a succulent turkey burger to fit the bill. When your grill's overloaded, try making these oven-cooked turkey burgers in the meantime. You won't have to sacrifice flavor, either, because these bad boys are guaranteed to stay juicy.

Leigh Ann Chatgnier

Raise the "Steaks" With This Recipe

Cook the perfect steak, with just the right amount of pink, without breaking a sweat. Once it's ready, slice it up for a salad or pair it with a flavorful side — either way, there will be no complaints when this hits the (paper) plates!

Jennifer Farley -

Grill Asparagus to Balance Out the Buffet

Now it's time to add some sides to your buffet table, starting with some flavorful veggies. Grilling asparagus is a great option, since its smokey flavor complements whatever else you have roasting over the grill.

Jennifer Farley -

Unveil Stress-Free French Fries

When your house is full of guests, and the kitchen is busy, the thought of a pan of hot frying oil is enough to give you nightmares. Choose a safer cooking method like this recipe for crispy oven-baked fries to minimize your stress levels and maximize deliciousness.

Jackie Dodd,

Line Up Compliment-Worthy Corn on the Cob

It is the season for corn on the cob, and this oven-roasted version creates a side dish that is incredibly tasty and visually appealing. Line it up with squares of butter, or add in a variety of spices to give it an unexpected kick.

Leigh Ann Chatagnier

Serve Up the Sweetest Sweet Potatoes

If you haven't tried grilling your sweet potatoes before, it's time to get the coals going specifically for this smokey side dish. Starchy and sweet, with a little caramelization and charred flavor, these wedges can easily be confused for dessert.

Jennifer Farley -

Scoop Up Some Summery Coleslaw

Crisp cabbage, crunchy carrots and the perfect combination of tangy and sweet dressing work together to create a tasty barbecue staple with this coleslaw recipe. Bonus: it can be made ahead and in bulk, so you can set it aside and let its flavors combine as you focus on other things.

Sweet Caroline's Cooking

Show You're a Boss With a Tricked-Out Baked Potato

Nothing beats a baked potato, especially when they're steamy and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Serve with all the fixings, like sour cream and bacon, and all that will be left of these are a few measly crumbs.

Jennifer Farley -

Perfect a Classic Pasta Salad

There is a reason why no barbecue is complete without a giant bowl of pasta salad. Sure, it's easy to make and it feeds a crowd, but mostly, it tastes amazing. The way the little noodles soak up all the flavor in the spicy garlic and the slight crunch of pine nuts opposes the smooth tomatoes — it's the stuff barbecue dreams are made of.

Sweet Caroline's Cooking

Go Ahead and Scream for Ice Cream

Once the main course is complete, it's time to serve dessert! This recipe for cookies and cream ice cream is the perfect sweet treat that can be served on its own or with added toppings. Yes, please!

Kristan Raines

Cure Cravings with a Classic Cake

An old-fashioned carrot cake is an American holiday must, and this recipe will make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Serve this mouth-watering crowd pleaser with extra frosting and enough forks to go around.

Ashley Manila

These Pies Deserve a Round of Applause

There's no better time to ditch a knife and fork than at a barbecue, so why not continue that tradition for the dessert course with these star-shaped berry hand pies? Patriotic and adorable, these petite pies will disappear faster than a shooting star.

Jamie Shields