How to Create an Election Flyer

directional vote sign image by Pix by Marti from

If Election Day is approaching and you want to encourage friends and neighbors to vote, then consider making an election flyer that reminds them of the location of your neighborhood precinct and informs them of the different candidates on the ballot or of a specific referendum question. You can do this with a little research and by using a free event template that downloads into your word-processing program, such as Microsoft Word. Spend an afternoon canvassing your neighborhood and talking to neighbors about the issues.

Download an election-themed event flyer from a free template website that is compatible with your word-processing program. For example, Microsoft Word offers free event flyers that you can customize. To download the template, click on the "Download" button.

Type the file name you want to give your template in the box provided and click "Save." The template will automatically download into your word-processing program.

Click twice on the text boxes on the flyer and replace the filler text with your personal message to voters. For example, the location of the voting sites in your neighborhood, profiles of the candidates in heated races and bullet points on the big issues on the ballot. Provide your contact information in case someone wants to follow up with you to ask questions about a particular detail or issue.

Save your flyer again and then print one copy. Have the flyer mass-copied at a professional copy center to save money on paper and ink.