How to Create a Letter Soliciting Donations

Many businesses and organizations want to promote a positive image within a community. Therefore, many are willing to donate to charitable causes because it enhances their standing with potential clients. You can solicit donations from these community-minded groups by sending them a letter.

State who is requesting a donation and for what specific purpose the donation will be used. For example, state that you represent a literacy group trying to raise funds to expand your offerings to include adults.

Describe the type of donation you seek. Among these could be items for a silent auction, participation in a charity event such as a chili cook-off or a financial donation to a cause. Include the date of the event, if applicable.

Explain what benefit the organization will receive in return for making a donation. Among the benefits could be free advertising, a tax write-off or positive public relations within the community.

Include contact information for your group. The potential donor many have additional questions or concerns after reading your solicitation letter. Make it as easy as possible for the donor to contact you by including both telephone numbers and email addresses.

Express your sincere gratitude in advance should the group choose to donate to your cause or event.

Close the donation solicitation letter with the signatures of all key individuals in the project, such as the group's officers.