How to Create a Gift Registry Template

A gift registry template is a sample design that may be used for the gift registry card. This card is delivered to potential guests for a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or other type of event where gifts will be given. Several template designs are shown to the decision maker and from that group, she selects the card that will be sent out. In a case where a decision maker is using a professional printing company to provide all of his stationary needs, these would be included. For a low budget event they are most commonly made by the person assisting with the event planning or the decision maker herself.

Install the desired design software onto the computer by following the specific on screen instructions. Most computers come pre-installed with a generic design software. This software is capable of providing the necessary tools to produce a gift registry template.

Re-size the page to the appropriate size needed. This process can be completed by using the printing properties, which is usually found in the file tab at the top of the screen. Each program will vary in how this is accomplished. Read the help manual for specific instructions. The size of the gift registry template is usually smaller than that invitations that will be used. If the specific size of the gift registry card is unknown, use 3-by-4 inches until you can confirm the desired size.

Insert various clip art images by copying and pasting them into the program or through an "Insert" command, which will allow you to choose an image from your hard drive. Move and re-size the clip art or image to a desired position.

Insert text in the desired size and location. Change the color and type of font to match the design of the invitation and the theme of the event. If this information is not yet known, it is best to try several designs before choosing your final design.

Print the design onto card stock paper. This type of paper is thicker and is most commonly used to make cards.

Cut the template out of the card stock or re-insert the paper into the printer to print several designs on the same page. Pay attention to the direction the paper prints to ensure that the designs do not overlap or print on opposite sides. Follow the instructions in the help manual to set up printing properties.

Repeat the process to produce several designs from which to choose. Present the designs to the decision maker.