How to Create a Flyer for a Church Fish Fry

by Timothy Baron ; Updated September 28, 2017

Improve your fish fry's attendance with a well-designed flyer.

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Items you will need

  • Design software
  • Printer

Flyers are an effective, low-cost means of advertising. The style of flyer that appeals to one congregation won't necessarily attract the attention of another. This is where understanding your church and its membership is important. In terms of the overall approach, some basic steps and rules apply to all different types of flyers and audiences. The key is to create a succinct message through images and words, using the images to attract attention and the words to deliver clear and meaningful information.

Step 1

Open a design or word-processing program, such as GIMP, Open Office or an Adobe Creative Suite. Design programs will provide greater functionality than word processors, but if you don't have one, a word processor will suffice. Both GIMP and Open Office are open-source and free, and you can download them off the Internet and install them within a matter a minutes.

Step 2

Select an image to display in the background of your flyer. For a church fish fry, both religious images and pictures of fish would be appropriate. Since people will notice the image before the text, this choice will set the tone for the flyer. If you're advertising within your church, a religious image would be redundant, so select a picture of a fish fry instead. If you're advertising outside of your church, a religious image could help attract the targeted audience.

Step 3

Load the image into your computer program. If you're using design software, this is performed by clicking on "File" and then "load." If you're using a word processor, first create a new document, and then click "Insert" and then "Picture."

Step 4

Insert text into your flyer. With word processors, you can click within the document and begin typing. With design software, you'll need to first click on the "Text Tool" and then select a location for the text. A blinking line appears where you clicked. After that, type to enter the words.

Step 5

Edit your text with clarity and brevity in mind. Include pertinent information, such as the time and location of the fish fry, as well as the organization that is hosting it. If you expect the guests to contribute, mention that everyone should bring a dish or beverage.

Step 6

Print enough copies of the flyer to meet your demands. If you're only posting the flyers within the church, a dozen or fewer might suffice, depending on the size of the building. If you're also advertising outside of the church, print more as warranted.


  • Avoid using more than two fonts because this can be confusing and unattractive to the eye. Instead, try to use a single font throughout the flyer, and ideally select one that doesn't look too unusual. The image should be used to attract your audience and the text to inform them. Avoid using eye-catching but distracting fonts.


  • When selecting an image, do not use a copyrighted image. You can find free, stock images on several sites throughout the Internet.

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