How to Create a Fashion Portfolio


0:00 how do you start a fashion with polio if

0:02 anyone's interested in first starting

0:04 the fashion portfolio in a stylist or

0:07 the fashion industry you'd have to start

0:10 thinking of where what direction that

0:11 you'd want to go to where do you want to

0:14 end up and what actually is yourself and

0:17 define that collaborate with a few

0:20 people and as far as photographers

0:22 makeup artist models and hair stylists

0:24 and come up with ideas and people who

0:26 are going for the style that you have as

0:29 well and working with people that could

0:31 actually produce what you're trying to

0:34 interpret if you don't have a fashion

0:35 portfolio things that you could start

0:38 off with is it is actually an investment

0:41 you know it's going to if you don't have

0:43 that resources as far as purchasing

0:45 these pieces it's going to thrift shops

0:47 vintage stores and it's more on getting

0:50 the look that you want rather than the

0:53 designer that you want and it's what

0:55 makes a good stylist is they're able to

0:57 produce these

0:59 you know you don't see things as what it

1:01 is but what it could be and from that

1:03 point of view that you become very

1:05 creative and you're able to work with

1:07 different jobs and different people and

1:09 you're more seen as an asset and a tool

1:12 because you were able to do this so when

1:16 collecting the ideas collecting the

1:17 looks you know you work with different

1:18 photographers and different people to

1:20 generate a book it's always important to

1:23 work with different people because you

1:25 want your friends to know that you're

1:26 able to work with different clientele

1:28 that you're not just stuck to this

1:30 certain look and a certain group of

1:33 people and that's it and you're not able

1:34 to work with anybody else so you know

1:37 when starting your book or starting your

1:38 portfolio you're gonna want you know you

1:40 may have assessed a decision on what you

1:42 want your style to be like but it could

1:44 end up anywhere else or in between play

1:47 around see what you like and once you

1:50 have strong book maybe then that's when

1:52 you go to an agency and where you could

1:54 start getting work as a stuff working

1:56 stylist and just moron concentrate on

1:59 doing your job and that's a little

2:01 information about just how to start a

2:03 portfolio