How to Create a Church Sign

Church signs are important because they make the first impression on strangers. You want your church to be as inviting as possible to those who have never attended a service. Church signs can be made of wood and handpainted, or they can be of Plexiglas or laminate with letters inserted under a plastic front. Let your sign welcome newcomers with a greeting that symbolizes what your church represents. The following article offers suggestions on creating a sign that will help you increase your membership and grow your church family.

Making a Church Sign

Place your sign strategically on church property. Position it close to the road for greater visibility. If possible, use a double-sided sign so people can read it from either direction.

Give the church’s name and denomination in large letters that can be read from a distance. Use bright colors to draw attention.

List service times in large print. Include the church’s telephone number so people can call for information.

Add a brief Bible verse that offers comfort. A positive message that offers hope, such as “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases” (Lamentations 3:22), is often what people seeking a new church are looking for.

Advertise functions at the church. Mention a Bible study class, flea market, or harvest supper that might be of interest to the community.

Come up with a slogan to catch people’s eye. Something like “Church - Your Saving Grace,” “Sundays aren’t just for sleeping in,” or a phrase that makes people think twice will get a second look.

Place smaller signs in the neighborhood if your town allows it. Consult the zoning board about restrictions and options. Often small church signs are allowed on telephone poles to give directions.