How to Create a Body Wave Hairstyle With a Curling Iron


0:04 I'm camellia Terrell I'm a master

0:07 cosmetologist and the owner of envision

0:09 salon spa in hair and nails and today

0:11 I'm going to walk you through a few

0:12 curly hair tutorials okay we're going to

0:17 create a body wave curl the way I create

0:20 the body wave curl I parted a to two

0:23 inch parting hold the hair at a 90

0:26 degree angle I go in and I create a

0:29 spiral curl holding that iron at a 45

0:34 degree angle creating that curl with the

0:37 one-inch iron then I'll take my 7/10

0:41 iron and I'll slightly spray the curl by

0:45 creating a c-shape I take my 7/10 iron

0:51 and I slightly Bend and then I'll go in

0:57 with a backward C and slightly Bend

1:06 and I create a body wave curl going to

1:10 do this over the entire head and once

1:12 that's completed you have a full body

1:14 wave set that you've just created with

1:16 your iron