How to Cover Up a Circumcision Scar

by William Jackson

Circumcision—the intentional removal of the foreskin from the penis—has been practiced for thousands of years across the globe. But the procedure does leave a scar. Sometimes, the scar is hardly visible, but oftentimes it is not only highly visible, but crooked or otherwise aesthetically unpleasing. In some cases, the man may want to cover or reduce the appearance of the scar.

How to Cover Up a Circumcision Scar

Step 1

Identify the glans of your penis. This is the ultra-sensitive skin just underneath the mushroom-like head on the underside of the penis.

Step 2

Wrap surgical tape just under the base of the mushroom-like head of the penis—above the glans area. The tape should be on the actual mushroom-like portion but, as stated, toward the base.

Step 3

Attach four more pieces of surgical tape to the mushroom-like head of the penis—but lengthwise this time (parallel to the penis shaft). Be sure that at least two or three inches of surgical tape remain beyond the tip of the penis.

Step 4

Wrap one more piece of surgical tape around mushroom-like head of the penis, securing the lengthwise pieces of tape.

Step 5

Gently pull on the lengthwise pieces of tape. This will pull the mushroom-like skin of your penis-tip outward. Continue to maintain this tension for at least half an hour.

Step 6

Repeat Steps 1 through 5 daily. The glans penis will slowly but surely be revealed as the mushroom-like head is pulled forward. For some, this is accomplished in a matter of months, while for others it could take up to a year or more. This process is called foreskin restoration—and can lead to a virtual hiding of the circumcision scar.


  • Consider consulting a doctor before attempting any sort of foreskin restoration procedure.

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