How to Cover a Chest Scar With Women's Clothing

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If you happen to have a scar on your chest due to surgery or some other reason, it is possible to cover it up with clothing. Aside from wearing turtlenecks year round, you can wear festive tops and accessories that will accentuate your beautiful features while concealing your scar from prying eyes. By wearing layers of clothing and using other fashion tricks to cover the scar, you can retain your sense of style while you conceal the unsightly blemish.

Tie a colorful square scarf around your neck. Gather the opposite ends of a 40- to 60-inch scarf. Fold the scarf in, until the two outer corners meet in the middle of the square scarf. Fold the patterned or colorful fabric lengthwise into a long tube. Wrap the scarf around the front of the neck twice. Tie your scarf in a loose knot under your neck. Place a jeweled brooch in the scarf to help cover the scar on your neck.

Add a necklace to your outfit. Layer a bib necklace that features large stones and 3-D embellishments over a blouse. A bib necklace is an accessory that is appropriate for casual and dressy occasions.

Cover the scar with ruffles or a pleated blouse. Wear tops and blouses featuring frills and ruffles to feature a feminine style. To add a ladylike touch to your outfit, pair pleated and ruffled tops with a structured jacket that is fitted at the waist.

Wear an embellished t-shirt for day or night. A simple t-shirt in white with colored rhinestones or pearls across the chest will add volume across the bustline while covering a chest scar discretely. Combine the embellished shirt with a solid blazer or sweater to balance the sparkling or jeweled neckline.

Pair a turtleneck with a shawl-collared cardigan. Choose complementary color combinations to display your sense of style. For example, pair a gray turtleneck with a red, purple or chocolate brown shawl cardigan to add interest to your look.