How to Cook on an Electric Rotisserie

An electric rotisserie is a counter-top cooking appliance that allows you to roast poultry, chicken, fish or vegetables quickly and evenly. The rotisserie turns food so that all areas are evenly heated, which eliminates burnt or undercooked spots on your food. These units also hold food in place and allow the unwanted fat and grease to drip down and away from the food so the finished product is more healthful.

Place the electric rotisserie on a flat surface approximately two to four inches away from the wall or any other objects. The exterior of the rotisserie may heat up during cooking and could cause heat damage if placed flush with a wall or other appliance.

Place the rotating support tray onto the drive shaft at the base of the rotisserie. This support tray is a circular rack used to support the drip pan and turn the food in the rotisserie.

Attach the food to the proper rotisserie rack. Chicken should be placed on the poultry tower with the legs and wings firmly tied to the body of the chicken with string. Large pieces of meat are pushed down onto the roasting rack so that the rack skewers the meat in several places. Other meats or vegetables can be placed in the food basket.

Place the drip pan in the bottom of the electric rotisserie. Place the chicken on the poultry tower or the meat attached to the roasting rack directly onto the drip pan. The food basket will be lowered onto the roasting rack and then set into place on the drip pan.

Set the rotisserie to the temperature indicated in the recipe you are preparing. Touch the start/stop button to begin cooking.

Set the timer to the desired cooking time. You can manually stop the rotisserie by pressing the start/stop button and holding it down for two seconds.

Use pot holders to remove the food from the rotisserie and be careful as the racks will be very hot.