How to Cook Meatloaf


0:00 Hi this is Rich Buccola here in NYC and on behalf of Expert Village today we're going

0:05 to show you some great comfort food and making meatloaf. See I got my loaf looking like a

0:13 loaf now how did I do that I just flatted her out I'm playing with it I have a flat

0:19 board so I can actually use the board by pressing down. You see it gets it to a nice shape I

0:24 can do each side by pressing down to do that side and that's your shape so again wash your

0:30 hands always when working with raw meat. You don't want to be touching things and touching

0:34 your counters tops and so wash your hands keep your hands washed that's important with

0:39 raw meat, always keep your hands cleaned. I come right here I take my casserole dish

0:48 do you have the basters no, your going to have a lot of drippings from this remember

0:52 I didn't use lean beef I used the regular ground. That's probably in a 60% 70% lean

0:59 you want those drippings put it in the center and you are ready to put this in the oven

1:05 so over to your oven it's almost ready. Look that's how simple it is you can actually put

1:11 this in the morning get it done before I can have this ready what 6, 7 minutes have it

1:17 ready. Cover it with sedan wrap put it in your refrigerator when you get home from work

1:21 take it off preheat your oven pop it in the oven, you got dinner almost ready. How long

1:28 does it cook 2 lbs your going to cook for about 45 minutes to an hour and your going

1:34 to baste probably after like 40 minutes your going to start basting it to get it that juiciness.

1:40 You want to get it juicy it's going to be brown on the outside juicy in the middle it's

1:43 meatloaf here on Expert Village.