How to Cook Lamb Cutlets

by Melissa Morang ; Updated September 28, 2017

The average weight of a slaughtered lamb is 140 lbs., according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

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Lamb meat is popular because it has a milder taste than that of an older sheep. There are many cuts of lamb to choose from, such as lamb cutlets. The cutlets come from the first eight ribs of the lamb, known as the rack of lamb. You can easily grill the cutlets and enjoy a tasty dinner in very little time.

Place the cutlets on a clean cutting board. Flatten the top of each cutlet by pressing into it with the heel of your hand.

Brush the lamb cutlets with the olive oil using a basting brush. Make sure you get both sides. The olive oil will keep the cutlets moist and add flavor.

Turn the stove to high. Place the griddle pan on the stove to heat it. Sprinkle a drop of water in the griddle pan after two minutes. The water should hiss and instantly evaporate when the pan is hot.

Place the cutlets in the griddle pan. Grill the cutlets for four minutes.

Turn the cutlets over and grill them for another four minutes. Check the temperature of the lamb cutlets with a meat thermometer. The USDA states the minimum safe temperature is 145 degrees.


  • You can cook the cutlets on a grill if you choose. Cook for four minutes on each side. Cooking times can vary slightly with different stoves or grills. Always use a meat thermometer to make sure the temperature has reached 145 degrees.

    Marinate the cutlets for more flavor. Place the cutlets in a bowl containing 1/2 cup of olive oil and one chopped garlic clove. Cover the bowl and allow the cutlets to sit in the marinade overnight. You don't need to brush the cutlets with olive oil before cooking if you marinate them.

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