How to Cook Eggplant


0:00 hello this is kareem from shakes bakes

0:03 right now i'm going to show you how to

0:05 cook with eggplants now eggplant is one

0:08 of the only produce items that I know

0:12 that can be cooked any sort of way that

0:16 I'm familiar with it doesn't matter if

0:18 you're having a bonfire or you're frying

0:21 it up or whatever the case is eggplant

0:25 is very versatile now i'm going to be

0:27 showing you how to use the meat from a

0:31 grilled eggplant and it was actually

0:33 grilled indoors in order to make baba

0:36 ghanoush that's going to of course

0:39 require eggplant and a few other items

0:42 and also a food processor a homemade

0:45 tahini sauce two cloves of garlic two

0:49 and a half tablespoons of lemon juice we

0:53 have some fresh parsley salt and pepper

0:56 a quarter teaspoon each and some honey

1:00 just to balance out any bit of

1:02 bitterness that the eggplant might have

1:05 we're using our food processor today a

1:08 spoon we can get started so I'm going to

1:10 be putting this eggplant into the food

1:14 processor after i grilled the eggplant i

1:17 actually drained it off for about a half

1:19 an hour to get off some of the liquids

1:23 that we're now here's the garlic

1:31 this is my homemade sauce nice and fresh

1:43 the last ingredient i'm going to add

1:45 right now is my lemon juice i'm actually

1:49 start pulsing this up

1:59 that's about good few seconds I'm going

2:02 to scrape down the sides i'm going to

2:04 add a couple more i'm going to season

2:16 with salt and pepper

2:26 try to get it

2:28 Oh

2:31 squeezes of honey in here and we'll

2:36 start her rolling again okay soft at

2:51 this point I'm going to grab my fresh

2:54 parsley just going to add it to the mix

3:00 see how well that gets incorporated in

3:03 there can you say yum yum yum so here's

3:19 your baba ghanoush

3:23 you