How to Cook a Simple Can of Green Beans

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Canned vegetables are convenient and green beans round out the nutritional value of a meal within just a few minutes' time. Green beans are delicious when properly seasoned and are great as an addition to a meal, whether served plain, baked into a casserole or a number of other recipes. The nutritional value of canned green beans is not as great as fresh beans, but is still a nutritious and delicious addition to the diet.

Store green beans so that new cans are placed behind older cans on the shelf. Use the older cans first.

Wash the top of the can under running water with a clean cloth to avoid bacteria on the top of the can being transferred to the contents when opened.

Wash the blade of an electric can-opener with a clean, wet cloth dipped into a sanitizing solution of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water after each use. It’s only necessary to make a small amount of solution at a time and can be used to sanitize other kitchen equipment.

Drain half of the liquid from the can and pour the remainder of the contents into a pot.

Heat on a medium flame and bring up to serving temperature, approximately 135 degrees F for at least 15 seconds to kill bacteria. Do not boil the green beans; it will result in loss of flavor and texture.

Serve the green beans immediately after heating.