How to Convert Inches to Baseball Hat Sizes

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Some baseball hats are adjustable, while others require you to try them on or measure your head to get a proper fit. Baseball hats typically come in small, medium, large, extra large and extra, extra large. Unless you will be present to try on the hat, you will need to first measure your head to find out the circumference, and then you will need to convert that into the hat size so you will know exactly the size to order and won’t have to waste time returning the hat for a different size.

Place the end of the cloth measuring tape in the center of your forehead above your eye brows and as far down as you will have the hat rest. Holding the end of the measuring tape securely to your forehead, wrap the measuring tape around your head.

Put your thumb on the other end of the tape to hold it securely in contact with the other portion of tape. Now tighten or loosen it as necessary for a comfortable fit.

Grasp the measuring tape, keeping your fingers on the place where the ends met so you don’t lose track of the length, and remove it from your head. Write down the inches on a piece of paper so you will remember.

Choose a small baseball hat if your head size is 20 ½ inches to 21 5/8 inches. Choose medium if your head is 22 inches to 22 3/8 inches. Choose large if your head is 22 ¾ inches to 23 1/8 inches and choose extra large if your head is 23 ½ to 25 inches. If your head is bigger than this, you will need an extra, extra large baseball hat.