How to Clean Up After a Workout Without a Shower

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When you just can't fit in time for a shower after a workout, freshening up in the office bathroom or on your way out the door is critical. Get creative with a post-workout clean-up -- think wet wipes and dry shampoo -- and you can look and smell your best, even without a shower.

Stop the Sweat

Get clean to avoid going back to work or out for the evening smelling of stale sweat. With a clean towel, pat off sweat, and wipe down your skin with a cleansing wipe. The ones sold for facial care are safe for all-over use and won't cause any skin irritation, but avoid any with exfoliating ingredients, as they're apt to leave gritty residue. Follow this up with a gentle moisturizing body spray and a fresh coat of your favorite deodorant.

Getting Dressed

After your workout, change all of your clothes. Unless you've gone for a quiet stroll at lunch, that means bras and undies too. If you're returning to work, make certain that your gym clothes are stored properly. Rinse sweaty clothes in fresh, cool water. Wring out well and store in a large zip-top plastic bag in your gym bag. A deodorizer designed for gym bags can also help reduce odor. Don't forget to wash those sweaty things as soon as you get home.

Hair Help

Managing post-workout hair starts before the workout. Pull long hair up and secure it into a high bun to reduce sweat as much as possible. A headband will do the same for shorter locks. Once the workout is done, take your hair down, towel dry and finish drying it with a blow-dryer. Spray well with your favorite dry shampoo to absorb sweat and oil residue; after waiting a few minutes, brush it out thoroughly. If there's not a hair-dryer available, opt for a slicked-back style, like a bun, ponytail or headband. Add a bit of a matte-finish spray to your hair to reduce any unwanted shine.

Makeup Magic

Rushed workouts don't often allow time for full makeup routines. If you're wearing a full face of makeup, including foundation, be sure to remove it before your workout to prevent clogged pores and acne. You can wear waterproof eye makeup -- think mascara and liner -- throughout your workout, letting you get back to your day in a bit less time. After your workout, apply a light, gel-based primer or BB cream; touch up any smudges in your eye makeup and add a layer of lip gloss. Skip the blush and bronzer post-workout, since you'll have a healthy glow.