How to Clean Suede Shoes Naturally

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Any outfit can look fierce with a new pair of suede shoes. Suede is soft, molds to your feet and has a unique finish that sets it apart from all other leathers. Many practical consumers forgo suede because, with normal use, suede shoes become dirty and water-stained and lose their beauty. However, with careful use and some good home cleaning tips, your suede shoes will maintain their natural beauty.

Remove dry stains, dirt and scuff marks with a suede cleaning brush, tooth brush or cloth. Brush in one direction to bring up the nap, lift dirt and debris to the surface and wipe away the dirt. If the stain remains, rub the stained area with a white eraser and brush over the area to restore the texture of the suede. Only use a white eraser, as a pink eraser may leave behind some color on the shoe.

Remove water marks by wetting the entire suede shoe with a spray bottle to avoid excess saturation and rub the existing water mark with a clean cloth. Always stuff the shoe with newspaper to keep the shoe's shape. Allow the shoe to dry naturally. Using a dryer to speed up the drying process may result in additional water mark stains.

Dilute vinegar with equal parts of water. Place the diluted vinegar on a cloth as a cleaning agent. Rub the vinegar-soaked cloth on the stain. The vinegar may initially cause the shoe to smell but the odor will fade after a couple of days. Avoid using a cleaning solution as it may cause additional damage to the suede.