How to Clean Silver Gemstone Jewelry

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Cleaning jewelry that is composed of both gemstones and silver requires a different tactic depending on the specific gemstone involved. Hard crystalline stones such as diamond, ruby or sapphire are more durable than softer gemstones such as turquoise, pearl or opal, and the silver requires its own special treatment. Any silver jewelry with a gem that has a possible inclusion (chip, crack or anything else that weakens the structure of the crystal) in it should never be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, and care should be taken when using any chemicals, according to The gemstone and the silver should be carefully cleaned separately with the appropriate materials.

Place a soft cloth on the table or work surface to cushion and catch the jewelry if it falls. Do not clean jewelry over a sink due to the risk of dropping it on the hard porcelain or down the drain.

Use the soft bristled brush and non-abrasive toothpaste with a bit of warm water and gently clean the silver, with care not to get any paste on the gemstone. Avoid scrubbing in a circular motion.

Use warm water with a bit of mild soap on a soft cloth to gently clean the silver and any non-porous gemstone.

Dry with a soft cloth.

Use a soft dry cloth for cleaning porous gemstones to avoid the chemicals in cleaners being absorbed and causing discoloration of the stone.