How to Clean Legs

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Smooth, clean exfoliated skin is healthy skin. At times it is difficult for men and women who shave their legs to maintain healthy skin because hair removal can be rough on the legs. Aerodynamic, smooth, clean legs can be obtained by preparing your skin and caring for it while you shave.

Take a nice hot shower or soaking bath. The goal is to soften your skin by heating it. Naturally exfoliate your legs by gently washing them with a soapy washcloth. Do not scrub your skin and make sure that you use sensitive skin soap or body wash.

Dry yourself off by patting your skin. Do not scrub your skin dry. Leave some moisture on your legs. If at all possible stay in a closed bathroom with steam and warmth present. Try to keep your body warm and comfortable and avoid chilling drafts.

Apply baby oil to your legs. Do not rub in the oil. Keep as much oil as possible on the surface of your legs but not enough for it to drip. Leave on for one or two minutes and then take your towel and pat the excess oil off.

Apply shaving cream to your legs in quarters. Thoroughly lather one leg quarter, first shaving the area from the knee down, then lathering and shaving from the knee up before switching legs. Wash your blade off in hot water after every few strokes, taking care not to clog blades. After shaving each quarter, take a hot washcloth and clean the cream off the section.

Dry your legs off and apply a final layer of baby oil. This layer should be thin and do not wipe it off. This layer acts as an extra moisturizer. You don't want to feel like you have oil on your legs. You want to feel super smooth, clean legs.