How to Clean Kid Leather

Regularly cleaning items made of kid leather will help preserve them. Not only will cleaning remove obvious scuff marks, dirt and debris, but it can help prevent the leather from fading and warping over time. Cleaning kid leather will protect your investment and keep the item from wearing out before its time. From an economic and aesthetic vantage point, taking a few extra moments to clean your kid leather items is a smart move in the long run.

Wipe the leather with a dry cloth to remove any dust and debris.

Remove any nonleather elements that might be harmed by coming into contact with soap, such as laces on shoes.

Apply the saddle soap or cream directly to a clean cloth. Saddle soap is best for shoes, while a leather cream may be best for items such as gloves.

Rub the product onto the kid leather in a gentle, circular motion, applying more soap or cream to a clean section of the cloth as necessary, and focusing on scuff marks.

Buff the area exposed to the cream or soap dry, being sure to remove all traces of the cleaning agent.