How to Clean Eyeglasses in Jewelry Cleaner

Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images

Jewelry cleaners are ultrasonic devices that get dirt and grime from every nook and cranny out of whatever piece you toss in them. The cleaner itself does its job by exciting the fluid in the tank, using a vibrating transducer. The millions of bubbles that form can lift off dirt and oil from your eyeglasses, leaving them clean and fog-free until your next session.

Place your eyeglasses in the cleaning machine.

Add enough solution so that the eyeglasses are completely covered, along with anything else you might want to clean at the same time. Options include electric razor blades, rings and bracelets.

Set the timer on the device for the amount of time you want it to run. Most items do not require more than a few minutes to achieve a thorough cleaning.

Remove the glasses and other items. Pull out the insert from the machine, disposing of the dirty solution down the drain.

Wipe away any residual solution with the clean eyeglass cloth. Focus on smaller areas around the hinges and nosebridge where fluid accumulates.