How to Clean a NuBra

With no straps or underwires, an adhesive bra such as NuBra can be an advantageous alternative to a regular bra. Adhesive bras are typically needed when wearing strapless and/or backless tops and dresses, as they provide support while not distracting from the shape or look of the garment.

Always wash your NuBra after each use to help the adhesive last as long as possible. This gets rid of any body oil or sweat that may break down the stickiness of the adhesive over time.

Clean Gently

While holding a bra cup in your palm -- adhesive side up -- add a touch of warm water and a drop of mild soap. Gently clean the adhesive with circular motions using the fingers of your opposite hand. Avoid using your nails, as this could ruin the adhesive. Once you've covered the entire surface, rinse off the soap completely with warm water. Repeat with the second cup.

Air Dry

Gently shake off any excess water and lay cups on a flat surface to let air dry. Do not blot with a towel or use a blow dryer, as this may ruin the adhesive.

Once completely dry, place the NuBra cups into the clear travel case and close the lid. Placing the NuBra in the protective case prevents any lint or dust settling onto the adhesive, which would cause it to lose its stick.