How to Clean a Burn Off an Iron

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Irons glide so nicely when newly removed from their packaging. Over time, however, dirt, starch, and burnt material makes the sole plate tacky. This makes the chore of ironing much more difficult. Before cleaning off the burn marks on an iron, you must first clean off dirt and grime to get to the root of the stain.

Remove all gunk like dirt, mineral build-up and even clothing glitter from the iron first. Turn off the appliance and let it cool completely. Use a paste of baking soda and water. The baking soda acts as a gentle scouring agent. Rub the plate with a damp cloth and wipe away the grime and the paste with another clean cloth. Never use a metal scouring pad on the metal sole plate.

Dissolve about one part salt in about three parts white vinegar and three parts water. Dunk another clean cloth in this solution and rub it onto the sole plate. This mixture removes starch build-up. Once you remove all gunk, grime and build-up, move on to the more stubborn burn stains.

Wrap the entire iron in newspaper or a brown paper bag, except for the area with the burn mark. Spray oven cleaner directly onto the area with the burn mark and wait for three minutes. Rinse the plate with water and a damp cloth for a burn-free sole plate and remove the paper.

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