How to Choose Christmas Gifts for a Physician

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Giving a Christmas gift to a doctor is a way to show that you appreciate her care and personal attention to your concerns. Finding that perfect gift, however, is a bit tricky if you do not know your physician very well. Look around her office the next time you visit for clues as to her interests, or ask her assistant if you really have no idea what to buy. A gift that your doctor will actually use or enjoy is one that she will appreciate and accept with gratitude.

Treating With Tickets

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If your doctor displays his enthusiasm for a local sports team all over the office, a pair of tickets to a key sporting event are sure to bring a smile to his face. If he enjoys a sport in general, such as baseball, tickets to a local minor-league game are a pleasant surprise, offering him an opportunity to attend an event he may not have considered on his own. For the movie enthusiast, passes to a local movie theater allow him to see any films he wishes, at any time. If he prefers live theater, offer a group of tickets to an upcoming local production.

Beverage Bonanza

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If you know your doctor well enough to know he enjoys locally brewed beers or wines from a particular region, a case or bottle of his favorite beverage is a gift he is certain to enjoy. Offer an assorted pack of local micro-brewed beers or a subscription to a brew-of-the-month club. If espresso fuels your doctor's day, a gift basket with organic espresso beans and a coffee grinder is an appropriate gift. A box of assorted herbal teas is an option for the doctor who does not consume alcohol or caffeine.

Sitting-Room Subscriptions

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The doctor's office waiting room is often a place to catch up on light reading, but if you find the reading selection lacking each time you visit, a subscription to a general publication, delivered to the office, serves as a gift others can enjoy as well. If your doctor treats children, a publication to a children's magazine offers little ones something to occupy their time as they wait. A general sports or healthy lifestyle magazine offers patients in a physical therapy or sports injury office something to read as they wait for attention.

The Homemade Touch

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Homemade or handcrafted goods give the gifts a personal touch. If you make your own granola bars or spiced nut mix, package up a batch in a gift box for your favorite physician. If crafting is more your style, your doctor may enjoy a hand-painted picture frame decorated with stethoscopes and her name. Children may wish to make a hand-drawn greeting card for the family-care physician.

Keep It Simple

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Give your doctor a modest, rather than an extravagant, gift to avoid awkwardness; also avoid gifts that are too personal, such as undergarments. An expensive or inappropriate gift may be declined, as it may change the dynamic between you and the doctor if accepted.