How to Change Control of an Event in Evite

by Brandon Getty ; Updated November 30, 2018

Evite takes the place of traditional paper invitations.

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Evite is a website used for the creation and dissemination (via email) of event invitations. The site was launched in 1998 and has many users. The interface of Evite is straightforward, allowing users to create and send any number of invitations once they have created a free account with the site. If you have created an event page with Evite but wish to grant control of the invitation to someone else, you can do so quickly.

Log in to your Evite account by visiting the website's main page (See Resources). Once logged in, you are directed to your account's main menu screen.

Locate your recently created event on the menu screen. Click the name of the event to access its settings page.

Select the "Other Options" drop-down menu beneath the "Host Tool Box" heading on the left of the screen.

Choose "Change Organizer" from the drop-down menu. It is the second option.

Type in the e-mail address of the new event organizer. Once you complete this step, you are no longer in control of the event or its invitation(s).


  • Keep in mind that you can no longer edit the event's details or send new invites once control privileges have been granted to someone else. Also, the new event organizer must be someone who has already been invited.


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