How to Celebrate the Full Moon

The moons of each month have significance, depending on the time of the year. A moon cycle begins with the new crescent moon and waxes into a full bright moon. The second half of the moon cycle is the waning moon, where the big silver moon grows dark as it progresses into another crescent moon cycle. The full moon is the middle of the moon cycle and a wonderful time to celebrate the gifts that the moon shares with all the earth’s inhabitants.

Identify projects, situations and events in your life that need completion or are unresolved. Use the full moon’s energy to generate the power you desire to help you follow through on these activities.

Spend the evening on the beach or near other water sources and celebrate the full moon’s power over water, the basic source of life on earth. Watch the tides of the ocean, how the full moonlight dances on the night water and the activity of water creatures in the full moon.

Look for faeries under the full moon light or evidence of their full moon celebrations on the morning after.

Wear red to honor the moon goddesses like Isis and Diana or green to celebrate the gods of plants, trees and new life.

Create a full moon altar with symbols of the full moon. Decorate the altar with a red cloth and full moon-shaped fruit and coins to represent prosperity. Include a round mirror for capturing the light of the full moon on your altar.

Take a full moon hike as it lights up the night sky and gives everything a silver hue.

Go for a nighttime sail or canoe ride on the full moon and celebrate the moon’s many affects on the earth’s waters.

Howl at the full moon, like the coyotes, wolves and other creatures of the night. Get in touch with your primal spirit, ignited by the full moon and its power.

Spend the night in a moon garden, planted in the shape of a full moon. Plant the garden during the new moon cycle and harvest during the waning phase of the moon. Use night blooming species like the moonflower and four o’clocks, or fragrant foliage such as lavender and thyme for your garden.

Have a full moon house blessing ceremony and ask the moon for assistance on house and garden projects, relationships and family, or creative activities.

Serve a feast of moon-shaped foods to celebrate the full moon and its gifts.

Hang crystals and jewelry in the windows and trees for capturing the full moon’s light and charging them with its energy.

Hold a water blessing in honor of the full moon. Place water in a bowl or vase and capture the moonlight in the water. Use this water to bless family members and other important persons in your life.

Do kid projects in celebration of the full moon--make moon hats, a moon mobile to hang outside or inside or make moon cookies.