How to Celebrate Juneteenth with Friends

It's a time for reflection. It's a time for appreciating the great struggles of our ancestors. Most of all, it is a great time to celebrate Juneteenth with friends.

The abolition of slavery marked one of the greatest moral victory's in our nation's history. Not only did it restore basic human rights to our ancestors, but secured the constitutional liberties we enjoy to this day. Commemorating the event with the joy and appreciation it deserves is the best way ensure those freedoms are forever shared.

Learn how to make Juneteenth fun, interesting, and truly inspiring for you and your friends.


Don't let this fantastic opportunity go to waste as just another legal holiday. Plan to celebrate Juneteenth with friends in ways you know they will enjoy. You don't need balloons or streamers, but having some thematic activities lined up will keep the party or gathering moving in an entertaining fashion.

Some ideas:

~ Plan a movie marathon. Include movies that focus on slavery and those that celebrate modern African American themes.

~ Trivia is a great way to celebrate and educate at the same time. Of course, include questions about abolition, but also trivia about other liberties, relevant figures in history, and relevant figures in modern culture.

~ Ethnic foods are a great way to add flavor to any party. Consider native African foods, and historical American foods.

~ Costume parties have a special way of getting folks in the spirit. Consider suggesting costumes for your guests. Not all costumes need to be period appropriate. There are some great images in modern culture that lend themselves well to the ideas of freedom.

~ Tour an historical location. There's no rule that says your party has to stay put. Meet at a local historical society or museum, then continue the party at a bar or cafe.

~ Arts and crafts are another great idea, particularly for children or adults who love to express themselves. Ask people to bring their favorite craft tools and work together to create a masterpiece in homage to the momentous occasion.


Build excitement in your guests by sending invitations or contacting them about the event. Not only will it get people thinking, but they might have some great ideas to share with you. In any case, you will be building awareness of the holiday and showing others that you respect its significance.


Share your positive energy about the event. Slavery conjures up negative images and emotions for most of us. It's hardly a concept that gets people in the mood to party. However, when you present the occasion as a celebration of freedom, attitudes change.

To truly celebrate Juneteenth with friends and family, rather than just observing it, you must have the party within you. Remind yourself of the wonderful facets of this complicated holiday and keep focused on them. Make joy the focus of your Freedom Day and others will follow suit.