How to Celebrate a Silver Wedding Anniversary

A 25th anniversary is a truly special occasion. Although lavish parties in fancy locations are the choice for some, a more casual, yet elegant, event at the home of a friend or relative can be equally festive. For most couples with children, the kids are no longer tiny and should be included in the celebration,

How to Celebrate a Silver Wedding Anniversary

Make and send out invitations. Among family and friends there is surely someone capable of using photo shop. Enlist that person’s services to print out a simple card with an early photo of the couple on the left, a numeral 25 in the center, and a current photo of the couple on the right (a photo including the children might be nice). On the back of the card, list the place, date and time, and phone number for the RSVP. Include a note about gifts. See Step #2.

Write out a note about the gifts to include with the invitation which reads something like this: “For your gift, please bring Dan and Sally 25 of something. When you RSVP please let us know which one you’ve chosen so we can avoid duplicates. Here are some ideas, but feel free to choose anything you like: 25 chocolates 25 Sharpie markers 25 notepads 25 quarters 25 packets of flower seeds 25 tangerines 25 coupons for homemade cookies

Decorate traditionally. It’s a once in a lifetime occasion to use the silver theme. So go ahead with silver balloons, white flowers with silver accents (any florist can make this kind of an arrangement), and as many actual silver pieces (trays, chafing dishes, etc.) as you can accumulate by borrowing among the party guests.

Prepare the scrapbook. Communicating through e-mail whenever possible, ask friends and family members to each send a brief memory about an outing, a holiday celebration, a family meal, or any other ideas they may have. Along with the memory, ask guests to send you a photo in which they appear with the couple. (The photo doesn’t have to be related to the memory.) Make a title page for the scrapbook. Then, at the top of each page, write the guest’s name and underneath glue in the memory and the photo.

Arrange the wrapped gifts as guests arrive. Rather than having the anniversary couple open all of the gifts at once, open throughout the evening for the entertainment value.

End the evening with everyone going outside where you distribute silver sparklers.