How to Care for Leather Boots

How to Care for Leather Boots. You must care for your boots properly to ensure their durability. After returning from an outdoor adventure, follow these suggestions to save your boots from the ravages of rough wear.

Take off your leather boots and remove the laces. Pull out the inner removable liners in the bottom of the boot.

Use a brush to knock off the heavy mud, and then wash the remaining peat and dirt from the outside of the boots with a damp wash cloth or sponge. Too much water can damage leather, so don't spray them off with a water hose or put them under a faucet.

Use leather saddle soap if necessary to remove stubborn dirt. Take care to rinse all soap off after cleaning or it will damage the leather.

Leave the boots out to dry completely, away from any heat source and not in direct sunlight. Heat and sun will cause cracks in the leather. To speed the drying process, stuff the boots with newspaper, and replace the paper as it becomes soaked.

Apply a waterproof coating to the outside of the leather boots once they are thoroughly dry. The coating can be found in most shoe stores. Use light applications and reapply as necessary, rather than putting too-heavy of a layer on. Consult the compound's instructions for tips and warnings.

Store your leather boots in a cool dry place with adequate ventilation until you need them for your next outdoor adventure.