How to Care for Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo can be used in many different ways--for furniture, for construction, as flooring, even as a filter to remove salt from salt water. Now, much like hemp, bamboo is becoming a source of material for clothing. According to Green Earth Cleaning, bamboo fabric is more absorbent than cotton, as well as quick-drying. Also, bamboo fabric contains natural anti-microbial properties that fight odor without artificial assistance. With the appeal of silk fabrics, bamboo is fashionable. Best of all, it is easy to clean.

Set your washing machine to a gentle cycle, with the temperature on cool (never higher than warm), and group the bamboo clothing with like colors. Because bamboo fabric loses some of its strength when it is very wet, putting your bamboo clothing into a lingerie bag will protect it during the wash cycle.

Put the clothing and your regular detergent into the machine. There is no need to use any more detergent than you would use for a normal wash. In fact, you can use slightly less than the normal amount of detergent when cleaning bamboo fabrics.

Air-dry a bamboo fabric item for best results. Drying it flat on a drying rack is the preferred method. If you hang the item on a clothesline, the Bamboo Fabric Store recommends doubling the garment to avoid stretching or distortion.

Set your iron to its lowest setting if ironing is needed. Do not use any steam on bamboo fabric; this can cause noticeable rings to appear on the clothing. If this happens, wash the clothes again.