How to Cancel the Wedding at the Last Minute

Making the decision to cancel a wedding at the last minute is difficult. Still, it's a decision that you may have to make. Once the wedding is canceled, there isn't time for embarrassment. It's imperative to immediately contact your vendors and guests.

Determine whether the wedding is canceled or postponed. Canceling and postponing a wedding are two different things. Before contacting relatives with the bad news, talk with your partner and decide whether you intend to marry each other in the future.

Inform your parents and immediate relatives. Contact your family the moment you decide to cancel the wedding. Provide an explanation, and tell them that you're making the right decision.

Notify your wedding guests before the ceremony. It's tacky to inform guests of the cancellation at the ceremony. You don't have to explain your decision to guests. Still, it's a courtesy to give ample warning. If necessary, split the list and have several relatives contact the guests.

Call your vendors and cancel their services. Once you've notified your guests, it's time to contact the wedding vendors. These include the caterer, cake designer, decorator, coordinator, limo driver and photographer.

Cancel your honeymoon plans. It's vital to cancel the honeymoon plans as soon as possible. You may be able to recoup some of the expense. You can't receive a refund on discounted airline tickets. But, you can probably exchange the ticket and travel to a different location.

Return the wedding gifts and engagement ring. If you plan to cancel the wedding and break-off the engagement, return the wedding shower gifts and the engagement ring.