How to Calm Pre-Wedding Nerves

Whether you're anxious for your big day to go smoothly or are stressed about seeing certain family members at the reception, you might find yourself with butterflies in your stomach. Although it's normal to feel some pre-wedding jitters, several simple methods can alleviate some of your concerns.

Learn to Relax

Basic relaxation techniques may help calm your nerves before the wedding. Deep breathing is easy to do in virtually any setting. Other choices include taking a yoga class or booking a therapeutic massage a day or two before the wedding. If you have time, do something just for yourself. For example, take a jog or bike ride to clear your mind.

Comfort in a Crowd

It's easy to feel anxious before your wedding if you're spending time apart from your future spouse, especially if you're used to being together. If you have family members who live nearby, stay with them for a night or book a room at the hotel your out-of-town friends are using for the wedding. Simple pleasures with those around you, such as an evening of board games or a home-cooked meal, can help you unwind.

Take a Night Off

If you occasionally are at odds with your future spouse over wedding or reception details, take a step back and remember why you decided you get married. Unwind through a date night, such as a walk through a park or a meal at your favorite restaurant. Share specific concerns with your partner and listen to your partner's thoughts. Voicing these issues often helps you move past them.

Recruit Some Help

Many people experience pre-wedding jitters because of the huge undertaking of the wedding and reception. Enlist the help of reliable friends and family members to look after last-minute details. For example, have a member of the wedding party contact each bridesmaid and groomsman to ensure each knows the wedding-day duties. Assign a family member the task of gathering necessary confirmation information, such as for the hotel and your honeymoon travel arrangements.