How to Buy Watermelons Images

Few fresh fruits conjure the feeling of summer like watermelon. Whether you serve it in giant wedges or easy-to-hold slices, watermelon is a timeless favorite year in and year out. Melons can be tricky to shop for, however, and some shoppers turn melon inspection into a science of its own. But there are only a few basic tips to keep in mind when hunting for watermelon.

Look at the overall shape. Though they have an awkward shape to begin with, a ripe, high-quality watermelon is symmetrical and even.

Search for a watermelon that's dull in color. Though you may be inclined to select a vibrant green melon, those with a dull rind are more ripe.

Find a melon with a light spot on one side, which also indicates ripeness.

Smell the frruit. A watermelon has a floral fragrance when it hits peak freshness.

Compare watermelons that are the same size and hold them in your arms. Of two same-sized melons, select the heavier one -- it'll have the most juice.