How to Buy Soy Bean Oil in the U.S.

Close-up of beans in its pod image by Nikolay Okhitin from

Soybean oil is one of the cheapest forms of vegetable oils available. The common vegetable oil concentrations sold at grocery stores contain large portions of soy oil. There are many reasons why you may want soy oil instead of other oils, such as the high smoke point of soy oil or for dietary restrictions. When purchasing soybean oil, look for local sources first so you can avoid shipping charges for food items.

Determine what kind of soybean oil you want to get. Soybean oil typically comes in three different formulas. Most vegetable oils are around 70 to 85 percent soybean oil. This is one of the cheapest ways to acquire soybean oil. However, most vegetable oils also have other oils mixed in, which can be undesirable. Soybean oil comes in organic or non-organic forms. Usually the non-organic oils come from farms that use pesticides and may contain genetically modified soybeans. Organic soybean oil comes from organic farms that usually do not use chemicals.

Check the label for the concentration of soybean oil and if the package contains any other oils. Some other oils that may be also included are corn, peanut, olive, cottonseed and safflower. If you have an allergy to any other oils, do not purchase a vegetable oil blend.

Look at your local grocery store for soybean oil first. Standard grocery stores may carry pure soybean oil. Ask a sales associate if they carry soybean oil if you cannot find it in the aisle that carries oil.

Look for soybean oil at a local health food store. Health food stores are likely to carry different brands of soybean oil, both organic and non-organic. If you cannot find the brand that you want, then consider purchasing soybean oil online. There are online retailers that sell different brands of soybean oil. Search for 100 percent soybean oils online. This way you can be sure to receive an oil that contains soybean only.