How to Buy Shoelaces the Really Easy Way

Gerardo Betancourt

We've all been there. Your shoelaces finally give up, but the shoe itself still has some mileage to go. Ugh. But choosing the right kind of shoelace can be tricky, specially if you go to the store without at least minimal preparation (preparation being the keyword here). No worries, though. After reading this article, you'll be well on your way to finding the shoelace that's right for you!

Remove Your Old Shoelaces from Your Shoes - A step simple enough on it's own. Remove your shoelaces from your old shoes (good thing is you'll have to do this anyway after you buy the new shoelaces, so you might as well do it now and use this step to your advantage).

Measure Your Shoelaces - Now here's where most people get it wrong. Measure your shoelaces, people! You can look at the package for thickness, but since you can't open it until you buy it, you'll need to know the number before hand. Most shoelaces are sold in inches, so make sure you know how long yours are in inches. Write the number down and set it aside along with one of the old shoelaces. You will need to take this with you to your local grocery store.

Make Your Selection at the Store - Here's the fun part. You can proceed in two ways. You can look for shoelaces that look like the old ones did when they were new, or you can get creative and get some funky stuff going on those shoes (hot pink shoelaces, glow-in-the-dark shoelaces -the sky is the limit). Either way, you will be looking at the packages by length. Look for your number on the rack. If they don't have your number, look for one as close as possible to yours. If you like to have a little extra length to play with (double-tie, etc.), then pick a number a little higher than yours. Google "Cool Ways to Tie Your Shoelaces" for additional info.

Pay And Enjoy - Last but not least, you pay for the shoelaces. If you made the trip only for the shoelaces, you can make this even easier by paying through the express or self-service lanes. Now all you have to do is get them on. Enjoy!