How to Buy Jewelry Wholesale

by Stevie Kremer ; Updated September 28, 2017

Buying items wholesale saves retailers money because they usually buy in bulk and enjoy lower rates. This allows retailers to make a profit when they mark up the items for retail sale. The mark-up on jewelry is usually quite high--over 200 percent in most cases--so if you want to buy it at wholesale prices, you can reap the benefits of low prices and sell the remainder a bit above your cost plus and still make money.

Step 1

Call your county offices and learn how to obtain a vendor's license. Become familiar with the rules and regulations governing such a license. For instance, you may have to report any sales and pay taxes monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Step 2

Find wholesale jewelry outlets in your area and compare their prices. Also check out any traveling jewelry shows. Such shows usually have a private showroom in the back reserved for those with vendor's licenses.

Step 3

Contact wholesalers to find out which of them will fill orders under $100. Some will allow you to purchase a sample of their wares in hopes that you will return with a larger order.

Step 4

Contact overseas wholesalers to get catalogues of their jewelry. Taiwan is a good source for quality jewelry, for instance, as is Sri Lanka. You don't have to pay import duty fees on finished products.

Step 5

Some wholesale warehouses offer members several membership cards, so if you have a friend who has a vendor's license and is a member of one of these warehouses, you may be able to get a membership card to shop there without getting your own vendor's license.


  • While you do not have to have a vendor's license, you will have many more outlets to choose from if you do.


  • Be sure to file your county and state taxes for your purchases when those documents are due.