How to Buy Alligator Meat

How to Buy Alligator Meat. A lot of people make fun of the fact that when people taste a new meat it "tastes like chicken." Well, if you've ever had alligator meat, then you know it tastes a little like chicken. Here are some tips about where to buy alligator meat.

Check out the web to buy alligator meat. Since alligator meat is an exotic meat, it's not always easy to find. There are some great companies like or where you can buy alligator meat to be shipped right to your door.

Ask your local butcher. While your local grocery store may not keep it in stock, stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's will special order items like alligator meat for their customers as long as they pay ahead. Contact the butcher and tell them what you're looking for; they'll be able to get it.

Get in touch with the companies that run alligator hunts. and are companies that will take you on a real live gator hunt. You can either go on the hunt yourself, or contact the companies and place a request that they sell you some of their game. Usually they sell it to brokers. This may be the freshest alligator meat you can buy.

Go to your local exotic meat store. Most are located in the major cities. There you won't find chicken and steak, but all sorts of wild game specially ordered from all over the world.