How to Buy a Speedo

How to Buy a Speedo. Speedo is a popular manufacturer of swimsuits that come in all shapes and sizes. However, many people associate Speedos with the briefs type of swimwear worn by men, a style that is very popular in European countries. If you wish to buy a Speedo, then you want to pick out a pair that is flattering.

Look on the official website to see the different style Speedos that are available. You can browse both the U.S. and European lines.

Purchase a Speedo from a discounted online store. Swim Outlet carries Speedos and Speedo-style male swimwear. Pick out the color and size that you prefer.

Go to a swimwear retailer to buy a Speedo. You can look in department stores, like Macy's to see what Speedo-style suits that they have available.

Get a pair of Speedos that have a fully lined front. You are not going to want to put your package on display for everyone to see. Choose a lined suit instead to hide your privates.

Check to see if the seams of the Speedo are reinforced. Reinforced seams will keep the suit in place, this is especially important if you are wearing the swimwear for a water competition.

Try the Speedo on before you purchase it. This gives you a chance to check on your comfort level and to see if it fits well.