How to Buy a Dress for Your Wife

There are numerous times during the year when you will want (or need) to buy a gift for your wife. Jewelry, candy and flowers are all nice, but these gifts can get repetitive and predictable after awhile. One way to surprise your wife is to give her a dress as a gift. This is a nice way to show your wife that you do pay attention to what she wears. A dress is also a gift your wife can enjoy for years to come.

Begin by learning your wife's dress size. The easiest (and safest) way to do this is to go through her closet when she isn't around. Find other dresses and write down the size of each (hopefully they'll all be the same size).

Notice what type of dress your wife prefers. Look at the dresses she already owns and look for any similarities between them. Strap size, dress length and any additional features (such as belts) are things which should jump out at you. Knowing what your wife likes will make your shopping experience a much easier one.

Know what colors and designs your wife likes. Are her dresses vibrant with lots of different colors and objects on them or are they monochromatic? It's much safer to buy a dress that is similar in theme to ones she already owns as opposed to buying a dress that is opposite and hoping that she'll like it.

Look for dresses online and shows pictures of these dresses to her female friends and family members. These people can help you narrow down your choices as well as let you know whether or not you're making any mistakes. They can also tell you about any dresses your wife has been recently looking at.

Go out with your wife when she goes shopping. Pay attention as she sorts through different items on clothing racks and notice any dresses that catch her eye. Keep a mental note of these dresses so that you can go back to the store by yourself at a later date and check them out.