How to Build Zane Truesdale Deck

Zane Truesdale, the top duelist at the Duel Academy, first made his debut in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime series. Like all duelists in the anime, he has his own deck of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards to use when dueling against his opponents. In the series, Zane uses a Cyber Dragon Deck, with the ultimate monster being the Cyber End Dragon. The cards in his deck can also be purchased as part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Collectible card game for you to play against your friends.

Main Deck

Add three Cyber Dragon cards to your deck. Summon these cards into play without a tribute if your opponent has monsters on the field when you do not.

Add one Cyber Kirin and one Cyber Phoenix card to your deck. Use the abilities of these cards to prevent spell and trap damage.

Insert one Photon Generator Unit and one Cyber Laser Dragon into the deck. Use the Photon Generator Unit to summon Cyber Laser Dragon.

Add one Attack Reflector Unit and one Cyber Barrier Dragon to your deck. Use the Attack Reflector Unit to summon Cyber Barrier Dragon which you can use to prevent battle damage once per turn.

Insert three Proto-Cyber Dragons into your deck. Use these cards to help summon any monsters that require a Cyber Dragon as tribute.

Place one Cyber Soldier of the Darkworld into your deck. This monster will be used strictly as an attacker in battle.

Add the Battle Fusion spell card to your deck to boost the attack rating of a fusion monster, such as the Cyber End Dragon, by the attack rating of its opponent in battle.

Use the Ruthless Denial spell card to sacrifice one monster you control in exchange for forcing one card in your opponent's hand to be sent to the Graveyard.

Add the Creature Swap spell card to switch one monster in battle with your opponent's.

Insert three Mystical Space Typhoon cards into your deck to destroy spell and trap cards that your opponent controls.

Add the Damage Polarizer trap card to your deck. Use the trap to negate damage dealt for one turn and allow each player to draw one card.

Insert one Return Soul trap card into your deck to revive three monsters defeated in one turn and return them to your deck.

Extra Deck

Insert the Cyber End Dragon card into your extra deck. The Cyber End Dragon can only be summoned in exchange for three Cyber Dragon cards. When summoned, Cyber End Dragon has an attack rating of 4,000 and defense rating of 2,800.

Add one Chimeratech Overdragon to your extra deck. Determine his attack and defense ratings by multiplying the number of monsters sacrificed during the fusion process by 800.

Insert the Cyber Twin Dragon card into the extra deck. Use this card to attack twice per turn.