How to Build a Spring Wardrobe - Women

How to Build a Spring Wardrobe - Women. Spring is a transitional period when you're dying to shed your winter coat but the weather just isn't cooperating yet. While the sun may be out, it's still not warm enough to throw on the tanktop and sandals, but these transitional pieces can make spring dressing a bit less frustrating.

Investigate your closet for essential spring clothing you may already own, such as colorful silk scarves to pair with suits and dresses. Check for clothing in pastel colors or light-colored woolens to wear while the weather is still cool.

Consider switching over from wool to wool blends, and from silk to cotton or linen, when adding pieces to your spring wardrobe.

Identify five warmer-weather outfits already in your closet, since spring tends to come on very suddenly.

Start building your spring wardrobe with a crisp white cotton shirt. It can easily be dressed up with slacks, or dressed down when you tuck it into jeans or khakis.

Find a silk knit twinset. This can be dressed up by pairing it with a skirt or by using just the cardigan over a dress. Wear it with jeans or khakis when you want to dress down.

Select dark stretch cotton pants to add versatility to your wardrobe.

Pull together any outfit with a sharp blazer.

Acquire a spring suit in a neutral color such as taupe, cream, navy or beige. This will take you from business to cocktails by adding a few accessories, changing your shoes or removing the jacket.

Include hats as part of your spring wardrobe. Consider a straw hat or one adorned with springtime silk flowers.

Dress up for evening with a short slip or sheath dress in a pastel color and strappy sandals.

Complete your wardrobe with a microfiber raincoat for the rainy days still on the horizon.