How to Break in Jeans

How to Break in Jeans. Your favorite pair of jeans achieved that prestigious honor by being two things: great looking and comfortable. Not only do they make your butt look fantastic, they are so soft and worn you could sleep in them. Maybe you have. Anyway, it's inevitable you'll have to buy new jeans every so often. The key is to get them broken in as soon as possible.

The Gentle Way

Put the new pair of jeans through the washer. Pluck them from the dryer before they're completely dry and wear them. As the fabric dries, it will mold to your body.

Stick the jeans in the dryer if they're really stiff. Make sure to turn them inside-out first.

Throw several pairs of clean sneakers in the dryer with your jeans and let them beat on the fabric. They will soften the jeans by breaking down the starch.

Beat Them

Roll up the jeans. Pull them tightly to get them into the smallest roll you can.

Unroll them, pulling the denim as you go. This will stretch the jeans slightly and make them more comfortable.

Flip the jeans inside out. Using a pair of scissors, carefully scrape along the knee and thigh area. Don't cut through the jeans.

Throw away the cotton lint that builds up along the scissor blade.

Wash the jeans in a hot water cycle with other jeans, sneakers or tough items. This will make the denim more pliant.

Put them on. The jeans might feel stiff when you take them out of the dryer, but as soon as you put them on, they'll conform to your body.