How to Break in a Pair of Jeans

After dropping $50 on that new pair of jeans that fit perfectly, it’s always troubling to realize something: they’re uncomfortable. You long for your old ones--the ones that accented your butt, that were incredibly comfortable and that everyone complimented you on. How do you get that same joy from your new jeans? No problem.

Throw your jeans in the washer. When they come out, put them in the dryer but take them out while they’re still damp and wear them. They will dry to your body and mold to your shape so they fit perfectly. After you have them broken in, make sure to hang them on a hanger to dry--they’ll last longer.

Add a pair of shoes to the dryer when you dry your jeans. You can do this after you wash your jeans, or even before washing them. The shoes will literally beat your jeans into shape by stretching the fabric. Make sure you use shoes that are safe to go into the dryer.

Roll your jeans up as tight as you can. As you unroll them, pull on the material to stretch it out.

Use hot water. The label on jeans usually says to wash them in cold water with like colors. Did you ever wonder why? Washing jeans in hot water softens up your jeans, makes them stretch and helps break them in.

Wear them over and over. Wearing your jeans is the best way to break them in. If they’re a little tight, do a few jumping jacks, stretch a little, bend or do a few squats.