How to Braid Hair With a Weave


0:00 to braid hair with the weave you want to

0:05 section off I would suggest half of an

0:10 inch subsection and that is to have a

0:16 tight braid or to not have make sure

0:20 that your braids were not bulking I

0:25 normally add synthetic hair in with the

0:31 braids reason being is because it just

0:33 gives it more stability but to braid the

0:39 hair again I would suggest taking half

0:42 of an inch sub section and then braiding

0:47 the hair closely close down onto the

0:51 scalp as tight as possible without

0:55 causing as tight as possible without

0:57 causing any discomfort to your client

1:25 if you are not a braider or I have not

1:30 yet learned the technique of braiding

1:34 with three strands another way to break

1:43 the hair down to the scalp it's just by

1:45 using a two strand braid and this is

1:49 simply by twisting the hair back onto

1:55 this go

2:17 and then secure your braids with a clip

2:23 unless of course you need to continue

2:27 braiding all the way down to the end

2:41 and here are two different techniques as

2:43 a Halle braid for weave