How to Bottle Homemade Juice


0:05 hi I'm Elizabeth Fraser of girl gone raw

0:08 I'm a raw food chef and teacher and I

0:11 show people how to prepare really yummy

0:13 food out of really simple ingredients

0:15 and today I'm gonna show you how to

0:18 store your fresh juice so I made a

0:23 delicious green juice out of kale

0:25 carrots celery apple and ginger and I've

0:28 got it sitting here and in a perfect

0:31 world it's always best to drink your

0:33 juice fresh but we know that that's not

0:36 always gonna happen because we've got

0:39 busy lives and sometimes we have to plan

0:41 ahead

0:41 so the trick to storing juice is to pour

0:46 it into a jar or an airtight container

0:49 and fill it up to the top and I've got

0:55 the perfect amount of green juice here

0:58 you just don't want to let the oxygen

1:00 into the mixture because it'll oxidize

1:02 your juice faster and will lose some of

1:04 the nutritional value so you pour your

1:07 juice in you seal it in a jar and you

1:11 store it in the fridge and this will

1:14 keep for several days but again as I

1:16 said fresh is always best so the sooner

1:19 you drink this the more you'll benefit

1:20 from it but in a pinch sometimes we got

1:24 a store so I'm Elizabeth Fraser of girl

1:27 gone raw and this video is about showing

1:29 you how to store your fresh made juice

1:39 you