How to Boil Crawfish Cajun Style

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There are many ways to prepare crawfish, but there are perhaps none so famous as the official Cajun style of preparation and boiling. Every year, many Cajun-lovers get together and have large crawfish boiling parties. All the cooking and eating is done outdoors to minimize mess indoors. The official way to prepare crawfish boils them live and includes a lot of spicy seasonings to flavor the crawfish. If you are not a fan of spicy seasonings, then cut back on the amount of spice you add to the liquid before adding the crawfish.

Wash the crawfish in a large bucket with clean water. Remove any dead or diseased-looking crawfish from the bucket. Place the healthy crawfish into the strainer basket of the pot.

Place the pot on the burner. Fill the pot half way with clean water.

Turn on the propane burner as high as it will go. The flames should lick up the sides of the pot. Wait for the water to boil, which should take between 15 and 20 minutes.

Add the crab boil liquid, salt, cayenne pepper and halved lemons to the water while it is heating up.

Place the strainer basket full of crawfish inside the pot once the water stats to boil. Add additional water, if necessary, to bring the water level to two inches below the pot rim. Cover the pot with a lid to help it boil faster.

Boil the crawfish for 13 to 15 additional minutes once the water starts to boil again. Turn off the burner and allow the crawfish to sit in the water for an additional 13 to 15 minutes.

Remove the strainer basket from the pot and allow to drain for about five minutes before serving.